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Butcher Block (Medium, White Oak)

Butcher Block (Medium, White Oak)


*This is a unique piece as photographed.

The butcher block is designed for use as a serving platter or cutting board seamlessly combining form and function. Top and bottom surfaces feature exposed end grain, which provides an ideal cutting surface as the wood self heals cuts and gouges over time.  

Care: White Oak provides an ideal strength, hardness and density for everyday use. Over time, the piece will become even more beautiful as it seasons with use. Re-apply a butcher block conditioner when the wood is looking a bit too dry. Please do not expose the piece to extreme conditions: no dishwasher, no prolonged direct sunlight (Hours are fine, days are not).

Size in photo: 12 inches wide, 18 inches long, 1.7 inches thick, custom sizes an dimensions are also available. 

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